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Sep 22, 2010 5:30pm EDT
. underrthe deal, lockner ill spend 31 years behind bars. >> t's safe to say ttat ttis i3 a plea agreement that we feel street for 31 years. >> sentencing is scheduled for monday. two teees were also charged in the case, 16-year-old emmanuel miller was found guilty last year. -ase was scheduled to start next week but will probably be >>> the process prosecution chhpping away agaiisttthree of former city council member kee hhrris. today the homicide detective who -esponded to the scene the night of the killing took the tan and discussed evidence like the mask aad jaccet found nearby.3 the defense questioned the way >> thisswas a very complex crim3 scene which was something i've maintaiied all along. it seems to me thht detective deal should have had he assistanceeof at least fourror five other hommciie detectives. >> tomorrow the focus should turn tt dna evidence tte state claims links the three to thh >>> strikes a deal jjst as his 28-year-old matthew brownnwas -carged with murder and conspiracy in the death of prosecutors say brown was one of he was prosecuted in march. another suspect
Sep 2, 2010 6:00am EDT
is comiig and with beet to be protecttd so your whole family doesn't find themselves underrthe weather. the best way to do that is getting the flu shot.รบ aad he doctor is taking your phone calls in a few minutes. good morning. >> good morning. >>we'rr already talking about the flu. when does flu season reallyy3 >> it really varies but e alreadd have reports of an up swing in lu activity. it has aaready started and will >>>so it's a good time to get3 the shot. >> as soon as the flu vaccine is availabll which ii already is, that is the time to be >> last year we had the h1n1 shht and the flu shot. >> the flu shot contains three this year the h1n1, has been3 included as one of hhseethreee >> for the people who got the >> it absolutely is not too is soon. innfacc, therr's booster so getting he h1n1 now which is included ii the seasonal protects you through the whole season. >> who should get it because before weeused to say the young and the old? >> exactly. forrthe first time this year, the cdc has recommended that all months of age and older should be protectee against flu by get
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2